“Only 1 percent” of those vaccinated had an effect …

The Minister of Health of the Nation, Ginés González García, went to the intersection of news that was disseminated in the last hours on social networks and the media, related to the adverse effects of the vacuna Sputnik V. According to official data, only 1 percent of those vaccinated had adverse reactions and in a 99.3 percent of the cases were mild or moderate.

Through a Twitter thread, the official clarified that days before the start of the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus in Argentina “32,103 doses of Sputnik V vaccine have been recorded applied to health personnel throughout the country “.

In that sense, González García reported that as a result of the application, so far, “only 1 percent of ESAVI has been reported (events allegedly attributed to vaccination and immunization) “.

“Federal articulation is an essential pillar of the national and provincial strategy, allowing the strengthening of communication systems and timely actions related to monitoring these events,” he added.

According to the information provided by the minister, of the 317 reported cases, “99.3 percent were classified as mild or moderate, and the presence of fever, headache or muscle pain, as a single or combined symptom, represented 80 percent of the total reported events “.

“Let us also remember that if these symptoms begin, they appear within 6 hours after the vaccine is applied, and disappear after 24-48 hours,” he concluded.

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