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OnePlus includes Nearby Share on its mobiles and leaves File Dash aside

As with most mobiles, users of OnePlus models have an application installed as standard on these smartphones that is used to manage files.

In addition to that, in the case of OnePlus we had another function available: send files quickly and without internet between OnePlus models.

File Dash has been with us for a long time but it seems that the company has decided to eliminate this feature and replace it with a better known one.

OnePlus sustituye File Dash por Nearby Share

OnePlus sustituye File Dash por Nearby Share

However, in recent days on Reddit they have realized that this feature had disappeared from the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro.

In XDA Developers they contacted the company, which confirmed that in effect this function had been removed from the application and had been replaced by Google Nearby Share, a function that is available on all Android phones, regardless of the manufacturer.

“To provide a smoother file transfer experience between Android devices, we have replaced the ‘File Dash’ feature with the ‘Nearby Share’ feature provided by Google. Users can go to Settings, click on “Google” and then click on “Device Connections”. Users can click “Share nearby” to transfer files. “

This movement is positive for OnePlus users since the function is still valid but with a different name and with more compatibility.

Of course, if we look at older terminals than the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro, such as the 8 or 8T, we see that the File Dash option is still present but it may also end up being replaced by Nearby Share in the future.

We say this because the version of the file manager in the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro is and in previous models it is

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