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One of your main purposes as a mom is to be happy and your children will appreciate it

When a woman becomes a mother, many aspirations come: raising a healthy child, fulfilling all duties, having a united family, being more patient with the child… Anyway. We bombard ourselves with many other-focused purposes, forgetting the most important: to be happy.

Motherhood is often putting others above ourselves, When in reality, the more calm and satisfied you are with yourself, you will be able to radiate it to others, have better spirits and seek family harmony.

Purpose of being a mother: to seek your own happiness

It is normal to have things that you would like to change and improve. It would be very conformist of you not to. But when you pursue perfection over satisfaction, that’s when problems arise.

That phrase of “happy mom, happy son” is not a lie. Research has shown that unhappy parents create low self-esteem, insecurity, anxiety, and other emotional problems such as irritability or guilt for their little ones.

It also tends to affect their cognitive development and until they cause diseases since the heart rate and blood pressure.

Namely, that by taking care of yourself you will be indirectly taking care of the emotional, mental and physical health of your child Well, you can find greater enjoyment in the complicated path of motherhood, which is no secret to anyone that it is a complex and heavy job.

On this lifelong journey, many times you have to silence the guilt that makes us feel insufficient, miss our life before having children or cause bitterness, apathy or even depression.

For these reasons, instead of putting you last, Remember that when you bring life into the world, self-care is still just as important.

Do not try to fit into the stereotypes of what society wants to impose as a good mother and try to do it according to who you are, what you do and what you have.

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