One of the young people involved in the accident that Carolina Píparo starred in spoke: “He blew me off the motorcycle”

The videos of the security cameras in the area

Luis Lavalle, one of the young men who was allegedly run over by the legislator’s husband Carolina Píparo at dawn on the New Year, spoke about the incident and stated that, after the crash, “flew off the motorcycle “, and asked” to clarify everything because it is an injustice “.

According to the young man, it was run over by the Fiat 500L driven by Juan Ignacio Buzali, Píparo’s husband, who was accompanying him at the time of the event. “I was coming from 21st Street and I turned onto 39th Street. I was behind all the motorcycles, I turned to see who was coming and there was a car behind me, which was Píparo’s. There he rammed me and blew me off the bike ”, Lavalle, 23, said in dialogue with C5N.

Lavalle indicated that he looked back twice and that before he felt the collision, he heard the car accelerate: “It shocked me and I closed my eyes, when I opened them I was already in the air”. According to his account, he was able to get up and help his partner, 17, who was also fired from the motorcycle after the crash. “The car left with my motorcycle hitched for four blocks”He recalled.

The young man reported that he was not assisted by SAME and that he was taken to the hospital by the father of a friend. Finally, he assured that neither he nor his friends “they are jets “ and that he works in a car wash during the day and is a pizza delivery man at night: “I feel bad because it is an injustice. I want everything to be clarified and there is justice”, He highlighted.

Message from Pípáro on social networks after the fact.
Message from Pípáro on social networks after the fact.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor investigating the theft, Eugenia di Lorenzo, holder of UFI N ° 17 of La Plata, awaits the results of various tests, including the breathalyzer test, to determine whether or not to accuse Píparo’s husband for having rammed two motorcyclists whom the thieves believed. For now, Buzali, as confirmed by sources in the file yesterday to Infobae, is under the classification of culpable injuries.

Judicial sources reported that the prosecutor Di Lorenzo has credited the theft suffered by the deputy of Juntos por el Cambio through testimonies and communications with 911, among them that of a neighboring police of Píparo who reported the incident. The researchers also explained that on this first section of the event the prosecution has evidence that the robbery occurred, although it still remains to produce proof and call Píparo to testify in the next few days.

What the prosecutor Di Lorenzo is still not clear about is how the second sequence of the event was, when Buzali rammed his car into two young men who were riding a motorcycle, believing them to be thieves, which is why evidence continues to be collected in order to establish whether or not he committed a crime and whether or not he should be charged.

One of the tests that are awaited is the result of the breathalyzer test. “The breathalyzer test was done but not immediately because at first there was another prosecutor’s office with the fact. It was done around noon and these results have not yet come”, Informed Telam a source with access to the file.

During the day today the prosecutor continued to collect data from witnesses, images from security cameras and expert opinions. “Until all these elements of evidence are collated, it is not in a position to define any qualification or imputation for that qualification”Said an informant regarding the Buzali situation.

Di Lorenzo, together with the detectives of the DDI of La Plata, work on the fact divided into two causes: one, the robbery of Píparo and, another, the injuries suffered by the youths attacked by the legislator’s partner. In this framework, he ordered to carry out traces, planimetric and photographic tests, studies on the black Fiat 500L that Buzali drove and the Honda XR250 motorcycle that the young men were driving.

Regarding security cameras, those of the Operations and Monitoring Center (COM) of La Plata were requested and to the owners of homes in the area that have this security system.

The audio of the call to 911 of the witness of the incident that Píparo carried out with her husband.

The researchers specified that many homes They are empty because it is a long weekend and the beginning of the holidays, which makes it difficult to get the images. Regarding the videos obtained so far, the lawyer for the two young men, Martín De Vargas, hinted at his suspicions that some images of the place in fact -which did not capture what happened- were “adulterated” and He announced that he will request “the resignation of his position as deputy” of Carolina Píparo.

Normally when videos of the cameras of the Municipality of La Plata are exhibited, the date and time are shown but in the case of those provided they do not appear, they are covered ”, The lawyer affirmed today, adding that the video in which Píparo is allegedly pursuing criminals “At least it’s edited.”

He ran over two people, fled, makes a complaint later and also leaves the person lying down, it is a total incongruity, we are going to ask him to resign from his positions and we are going to ask him to resign as a deputy”, Emphasized De Vargas in dialogue with TV Chronicle.

Prosecutor Di Lorenzo advanced the weekend with the taking of statements, about 8 in total. The same witness who reported the road incident to 911, a woman with no apparent relationship with the young people who were traveling on a motorcycle, told the Buenos Aires Police that day at 6:35 AM “How the Fiat 500 dragged a motorcycle under the chassis for several blocks, being followed by three motorcycles who yelled at him to stop”. On the breathalyzer test, its result may be divisive: if it is found that Buzali did not drink, it could certainly weigh against him by supporting the hypothesis that he could know what he was doing behind the wheel.

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