One of the most powerful drug traffickers in Mendoza fell with a large shipment

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Personnel from the Fight Against Drug Trafficking kidnapped 214 bricks of marijuana and disrupted a criminal organization that brought drugs from the north of the country. One of the members, Andrés “Mimo” Cataldo, had a history of drug trafficking and had already been arrested in 2016 for trying to enter the province with 700 kilos of the same drug.

The operation was part of an investigation that lasted more than two months to analyze the modus operandi of the criminal organization.

During these tasks, the officers verified that one of the members of the gang was Cataldo, who in August 2016 was arrested for trying to enter a shipment of more than 700 kilos of marijuana hidden in a truck to the province.

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Cataldo was sentenced in 2018 to 9 years in prison. However, this did not prevent him from continuing with the drug trafficking tasks with the help of some of his relatives, including his mother, who coordinated the transport of drugs from the north of the country.

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The 214 bricks seized have a weight of 175 kilos and were hidden in a trailer truck loaded with wood.

The detection of the shipment was carried out by investigators from the Fight Against Drug Trafficking, who stationed themselves at a phytosanitary post in Iscamen on Route 40. The two occupants of the cargo vehicle were detained and the vehicle was transferred to the Condor Base.

Parallel raids

In turn, in parallel, eight raids were carried out at homes in Greater Mendoza, where they detained part of the organization led by Cataldo, including his mother and stepfather, who works as a traffic inspector in the Municipality of Godoy. Cross. Two nephews of the convict were also apprehended.

During the proceedings, they hijacked, in addition to the truck, two motorcycles, an Amarok pickup, a Toyota Corolla, a VW Fox and a black PT Cruiser. This last vehicle had already been seized in 2016 when it was driven by Cataldo to make the transport of the 700 kilos of marijuana spike.

They also found a 22-caliber rifle, 19 Cannabis Sativa plants, about half a million pesos in cash, and cell phones.

The six detainees were transferred incommunicado to U32. In turn, Cataldo, who began to enjoy transitory exits, was prosecuted again for violation of Law 23,737, for which he continues to be housed in the Provincial Penitentiary, but without benefits.

In the case, the Criminal Secretary “C” intervened in charge of Mariela Andia, of Federal Court No. 1 of Walter Bentos.

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