One More Thing… Better quality in voice memos, Apple Watch in Disney and cryptocurrency payments in PayPal

Bumpy weeks are coming for Apple. We look forward to the presentation of many products, the WWDC is just around the corner (more or less) and still we have had a week full of news and curiosities. We have talked about 4nm processors, the growth of eSIM, prototypes of the original iPad and we still have a lot to tell. It seemed that we were done, but there is one more thing …

  • We started in Engadget, where they tell us the tremendous mistake of using WhatsApp in corporate environments.
  • We continue in Today at Apple, where they explain to us what we can do so that the quality of the voice memos that we record with our iPhone or iPad increases radically. A measure that is always welcome.
  • In Magnet they analyze why it is bad that Facebook has taken control of the GIF market.
  • Nowhere is far news echoes from World Disney World in Orlando. Now we can move around the park, including tickets, purchases, attractions and passes using our iPhone or Apple Watch.
  • We return to Xataka, to read the most recent update of the ARM architecture, which comes 10 years after the previous one.
  • Also in Xataka they collect that PayPal already allows us to pay with cryptocurrencies.
  • Meanwhile, in Genbeta, they tell us that Google is trying to hide dislikes in YouTube videos.
  • On the 9to5mac channel we find a video that collects some MagSafe accessories from the Moment brand for our iPhone.

  • And on the MacRumors channel, to finish, they take a look at some home workout props used by various popular YouTubers.

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