one employee is seriously ill and 23 with reactions after vaccine against coronavirus

Of the 7,728 health professionals who have been vaccinated in the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), 23 presented adverse reactions, of which a workera was classified as graveTo treat his symptoms, an antihistamine was applied and he received outpatient care, the agency reported.

“Four hours after the vaccine was administered, our partner had a severe headache, dizziness and also had difficulty breathing and being able to pass food. But it is something that is expected as a reaction to the vaccine, “he said. Manuel Cervantes Ocampo, coordinator of Comprehensive Health Care at the First Level of the IMSS.

He added that the others 22 professionals had symptoms such as headache, dizziness, and palpitations that did not require further support.

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In turn, Víctor Hugo Borja, director of Medical Benefits of the institute, explained that if the vaccination of an average of 3,000 daily doses continues, by the end of January 1 million 400 thousand health workers would be immunized. “In such a way that we would achieve the goal of vaccinating all health care personnel and covid hospitals within that period, in the month of January we would achieve our goal,” he said.


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