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Once again, Instagram and Facebook went down for a few minutes.

Again the Facebook companies have flaws.  REUTERS / Dado Ruvic / Illustration / File Photo
Again the Facebook companies have flaws. REUTERS / Dado Ruvic / Illustration / File Photo

Several users of the social networks Instagram and Facebook have reported failures in the platforms. According to the site Down Detector several users reported problems, not being able to upload posts, stories or reporting problems for scrolear the app (which closes by itself).

Today, a configuration change made Facebook services unavailable to some people. We investigated and resolved the issue quickly. We apologize for any inconvenience.”Said a Facebook Company spokesperson.

It has not been known so far what exactly the fault is, since the company has not communicated it. However, today the apps had problems in their operation. In the case of Facebook, problems are also detected, such as, for example, it does not load its web version when entering. The failures were all over the world, affecting users globally.

As often happens, at the time of the peak of service failures, Twitter began to fill with memes and tweets from users telling what was happening:

The service interruption is the second in less than a month, since it occurs 3 weeks after global failures were detected in WhatsApp (also Facebook company), when there was a global drop that affected the messaging service and also Instagram and Facebook. After these failures, the services are working normally.

On March 19, he took Facebook services offline for several hours. On that occasion, in addition to WhatsApp and Messenger, the outage appeared to affect Facebook’s internal websites as well.

At that time, users from different parts of the world reported service failures during the afternoon. They turned to Twitter, as happened today, to account for different problems in the messaging service and social networks.

After the global fall that affected WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook 3 weeks ago, the services returned to working normally (until today). “Earlier today, a technical problem caused people to have problems accessing some Facebook services. We solved this problem for everyone and we apologize for any inconvenience, “they informed Infobae at the time from the company.

This failure of March 19 had affected more than 2 million users globally at the time. The reason for the errors, according to Facebook, originated from the Facebook Gaming platform, causing the other services to crash.


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