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On the way to Atlanta: Biden stumbles on the steps of Air Force One

On the way to Atlanta
Biden stumbles on the steps of Air Force One

US President Biden stumbles on the way to the Air Force One presidential plane. About halfway up the gangway, the 78-year-old stepped next to a step, only to catch himself shortly afterwards – and then trip again. The White House is forced to give the all-clear.

Falling in front of the camera is a nightmare in the political PR categories. This is especially true for someone like Joe Biden, who moved into the White House at the age of 78 as the oldest president in US history and has to be swiped at his age on a regular basis.

Images of a stumbling politician are often exploited by his opponents. Such an incident is correspondingly unfavorable for Biden. The president stumbled on leaving for a trip to the state of Georgia. As Biden climbed the stairs to the Air Force One presidential plane, he stumbled halfway, but caught himself – with his hand on the railing.

After two more steps, however, he stumbled again and then again, so that his knee landed on the steps. The Democrat straightened up quickly, patted his pants briefly, and made the remainder of the stairs with no further complications.

The White House felt compelled to give the all-clear. White House communications director Kate Bedingfield wrote on Twitter shortly after the incident that Biden was fine. It wasn’t even necessary for the medical team traveling with the President to look at the matter. Biden just took a wrong step on the steps – nothing more. The US President was on his way to Atlanta to meet representatives of Asian communities after the firearms attack on several massage studios, which left eight people dead.

Biden had recently injured his leg: after his election in November, he sprained his right ankle while playing with his German shepherd and sustained small stress fractures in his foot. Biden had to wear a boot-like orthopedic support shoe for a while. But it’s gone again in the meantime.

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