On the last day of 2020, there was a strong increase in coronavirus cases in the City of Buenos Aires


The government of the City of Buenos Aires reported that yesterday there were 2,146 positive cases of coronavirus (1405 residents and 741 non-residents). The number confirms a sharp acceleration of the contagion curve in the Federal Capital. On Wednesday, December 30, the district had added 1,688 sick people.

Last night, the National Ministry of Health did not release the usual national case report for the end of the year holidays. Tomorrow, Saturday, he will deliver detailed information on what happened in the guards during December 31, 2020, and January 1 and 2, 2021. On the other hand, the administration of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta did not interrupt the daily part that usually broadcast every morning with information from the day before.

From the detail, it appears that since the pandemic began, there were 147,468 infected residents in Capital -of which 5,883 died- and 116,699 non-residents -1833 deceased-.


The rise in infections still does not seem to have impacted on the Buenos Aires health system: only 22.8% of intensive care beds are occupied, a number significantly lower than what was registered during the most complex months of the first stage of the pandemic. However, yesterday’s 2146 confirm the concern of the authorities, who met on December 30 to evaluate alternatives.

On Wednesday, President Alberto Fernández unfroze the usual photo of the beginning of the pandemic and received the head of the City Government and the Buenos Aires governor Axel Kicillof at the Olivos Presidential House. The meeting was shorter than those at the beginning of the strict quarantine, but it marks the concern that exists at the top of political power about an increase in coronavirus cases that were expected later.

The three leaders agreed that there is a relaxation as a result of the general tiredness of the citizens and an equivocal feeling that the worst of the pandemic is over. The yellow lights came on when massive concentrations began to take place in public spaces, such as the farewell to Diego Maradona in downtown Buenos Aires and the River caravan two years before the Madrid final, and they turned red last week, when the curve accelerated again after the Christmas meetings and the traditional dinners to say goodbye to the year.


The Minister of Health of the City of Buenos Aires, Fernán Quirós, stated in his last press conference that we will have to wait the next few days to understand the scope of the statistical phenomenon. There are two variants: it could be a seasonal rebound as a result of the typical December encounters, or it could definitely mark the beginning of the second wave that weeks ago began to rage in Europe.

President Fernández acknowledged yesterday that he is evaluating instructing the security forces to “dispel” people who do not respect the recommendations. Last night, during the New Year celebrations, the concentrations of young people without masks or respect for social distancing were repeated.

A night closing at AMBA?

Jorge Rachid, a sanitary doctor and member of the advisory committee of the governor of the province of Buenos Aires Axel Kicillof, proposed today that it be imposed a “night time restriction on driving”, among other measures to mitigate the growing number of coronavirus infections.

In this sense, he indicated that his proposal is to limit circulation “between 10 and 6” and, also, added as a suggestion “the closing of borders.” This was expressed in statements made this morning to Radio 10, in which he stated that “curfew is tough but it is what works in Europe”.

He was also disappointed by the number of people who last night, in the celebrations for the New Year, concentrated in squares of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA).

There is unconsciousness, fueled in some cases by irresponsible hegemonic means that have encouraged anti-quarantine and anti-vaccination in an irresponsible and criminal way on populations that do not have the elements to defend themselves against these issues, which have to do with lies.”Said the specialist.

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