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On-site meeting at the animal shelter – chickens are supposed to convict their tormentors

Salzgitter – The public prosecutor and his heaviest stable … This story is simply unbelievable: in mid-July, nine laying hens were found in Salzgitter (Lower Saxony). Packed in two garbage bags, abandoned at a bus stop, in a sorry state.

The chickens came to the shelter. There it was bought by entrepreneur Helmut Stolze (75) for five euros each. The master interior decorator: “You should be fine with me.”

Proudly brought the poultry to his property, where he already keeps 18 conspecifics and six sheep. Two chickens died of weakness, but he nursed the others. Everything seemed to end well – until the police called! “I should bring the surviving animals to the animal shelter for comparison,” said Stolze.

Meanwhile, the public prosecutor’s office is investigating animal cruelty

Police officers, animal shelter employees, an interpreter and a Syrian (32) were waiting on site. The chickens should have heard of this before – had he abandoned them too? Public Prosecutor Hans Christian Wolters: “The alleged owner should identify the animals.”

But he said in turn that he had given the chickens to a friend (59). Wolters: “And he also claims to have given it away, but couldn’t say who the new owner is. There are many indications that he exposed them. “

The 59-year-old will now have to give up. Wolters: “I assume that he will get a fine.”

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