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On Children’s Day, the 30 “children” who aim to be the future of the Mexican National Team

With less than 18 years of age, there are Mexican players who stand out for their talent with the ball and aim to be the future of the Mexican National Team

On Children’s Day, ESPN Digital, consulted more than 10 coaches from basic forces and Mexican teams, as well as scouts, to make up the list of the 30 most outstanding children in Mexican football, for the second consecutive year.

There are players from all over the world, from Chivas, from America, from Puebla, who dream of reaching the top, representing Mexico and becoming the heroes of other children.

1. Marcelo Flores (Arsenal) – 17 years old

Having Latin blood makes him shine in England, say those who have seen him play for Arsenal. It has a different profile from Europeans. He is charming, skillful, unbalancing, with great individual technique and also stands out for his physical strength. The national teams of England and Canada yearn for the current Tri player.

2. Gael García Bernal (Chivas) – 17 years old

Gael García Bernal, the actor’s namesake, is the player who most attracts the spotlight. He is 17 years old and plays for Chivas, “he has the whole profile to play as 10”, say some viewers. “If he continues like this and maintains discipline, he will be a great player,” his coaches describe him. It is the jewel that the rojiblancos have in their quarry.

3. Cristopher Benítez (Cruz Azul) – 16 years old

The midfielder originally from Iztapalapa, CDMX, is considered the jewel of Cruz Azul, due to the strength and skill he teaches in the midfield of La Máquina Celeste. The young midfielder was captured by the sky blue team since he was 13 years old and is in the sights of the Tricolor.

4. Dagoberto Espinoza (America) – 17 years

In America, the eyes are on Dagoberto Espinoza, a 17-year-old from Sinaloa who plays in the midfield and “likes to face.” A strong player and projected among the best in his category.

5. Luka Romero (Mallorca) – 16 years

Mexico continues to make efforts to attract the player who was born in Durango, but has the option to play for Argentina. The talented midfielder is in the sights of clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid. The Tricolor hopes to convince him to come to a rally in the coming months.

6. Emmanuel Ochoa (San José of the MLS) – 15 years

Emmanuel Ochoa is a Mexican-American goalkeeper who plays for San José in the MLS. He is a constant player in the Tricolor calls, but sometimes his presence is difficult because Matías Almeyda, at 15 years old, has him contemplated for the first team.

7. Rodrigo Huescas (Cruz Azul) – 17 years old

In 2020, Tuttomercato, an Italian medium, compared him to Fernando Torres. Huescas has already had participation with Cruz Azul’s first team in the Concacaf Champions League, while in Liga MX it has gone on the bench. The attacker can play as a center forward, but he has been better performing as a midfielder or winger on the right.

8. Paolo Bedolla (Tigres) – 15 years

It is one of the main promises of Mexican soccer. The former Morelia player and now Tigres goalkeeper has trained with the felines’ first team, regardless of the fact that he is only 15 years old. “He has a lot of personality” and “Technically he is very good”, were some of his descriptions.

9. Miguel Ángel Carreón (Pumas) – 16 years

He is the player with the greatest projection with Pumas. However, the ‘Igualita’ has lost his place in the last calls of the Mexican team due to being moved between the U-17, U-20 and has even been considered to go to the substitute bench of the first team. In football terms, he stands out for his expressiveness and speed, conditions with which he develops as a winger.

10. Rodrigo Parra (Tijuana) – 17 years old

Despite his age, he is already recurrent in the Tijuana Under-20s, he has even already gone to the substitute bench with the first team. Parra, a central defender with a right profile, is one of the players that Xolos acquired after the purchase of Querétaro as he was one of the players with the greatest projection.

11. Fernando Álvarez (Pachuca) – 17 years old

The central defender has three nationalities. In addition to the Mexican, he also has the Colombian, for his father and the American, the country where he was born and even played for that team at 13 years old. Of the left-handed defender, his aerial game stands out, thanks to his 1.85 meters, his departure, technique, speed, he is strong in the brand and his leadership, so it is common for him to be the captain of his teams. It is one of the most advanced prospects in Pachuca.

12. Jesús Alcantar (Necaxa) – 17 years old

They nickname him ‘Pogba’, but his position is that of central defense, with a left profile. Despite the fact that his category is the U-17, he is considered to be “too small”, which is why he adds more minutes of play in the U-20, in which he has also been considered by the Mexican national team. He has even taken the bench with the first team.

13. Emmanuel Echeverría (Santos) – 17 years old

Santos has been characterized in recent years by the work he has done to forge sides. Echeverría is the Warriors’ bet for the future. The boy, with a left-handed profile, is a starter of the U-20 and has a good start, in addition to adding very well to the attack.

14. Víctor López (Monterrey) – 17 years

He works as a right-hand midfielder. He is short, 1.66 meters, but he makes up for it with his strength and power, as well as his football quality that make him a player with a goal. He is one of the most regular players in the Monterrey inferiors, a team in which he plays for the U-17 and U-20.

15. Adrián González (LA Galaxy) – 17 years old

He is one of the main prospects that Mexican soccer has. However, he could still represent the United States team, due to his dual nationality. The midfielder stands out for being a fine player with the ball, with good individual technique and the speed he has with the ball at his feet. His leadership, physical strength and the joy to bring to the team are other characteristics.

16. Ali Ávila (Monterrey) – 17 years old

He was a World Cup player with the Mexican Under-17 team in 2019. His quality allows him to play as a midfielder and as a winger. Ávila, with a right profile, is classified as a charming, mischievous and very talented player.

17. Antonio Leone (LAFC) – 17 years

It is one of the main bets of Mexican soccer. The defender is a natural leader. He stands out for his technique, his physical presence, his departure with the ball and his leadership. Those who have seen him play assure that they look like a veteran footballer, in addition to that he enjoys playing football a lot.

18. Alex Alcalá (LA Galaxy) – 15 years

Skill, individual technique, speed with the ball at the feet are his main cards of the talented player. However, the coaches hope that Alcalá can adapt to professional football, after he signed his first contract a few months ago, as they consider that his height can be a handicap.

19. César Bustos (Monterrey) – 15 years old

Despite being 15 years old, the central defender plays for the Under-17 and Under-20 in Monterrey and it is even normal for him to train under Javier Aguirre in the first team. Leadership and personality is something that stands out from the youth, because he does not mind shouting at the players of the royal team, or marking Rogelio Funes Mori. On the court he boasts a good exit with the ball, with which he always seeks to do damage, he has a good reading of the game and it is difficult for him to make mistakes in defensive decisions.

20. Alexei Domínguez (Pachuca) – 16 years

Some consider that he has better qualities than Hirving Lozano. The boy who was rejected twice by Pachuca is now one of the Tuzos’ top prospects. He can play in both profiles due to his quality, which is accompanied by his speed, ability to face opponents, in addition to having defensive sacrifice.

21. Daniel Fregoso (San José of the MLS) – 15 years

Daniel FRegoso stood out in a Sub 14 tournament held in the United States and was recruited by the San José Earthquakes. The boy has dual nationality and has already been called up by the Mexican National Team.

22. Jesús Aldair Lara (Pachuca) – 16 years old

You can play steering wheel or containment. He has both profiles, he is handsome, with good technique, he has a very good long-distance shot, he likes to play forward so he has a lot of goals, but defensively he stands out for the amount of balls he can recover. He has a strong character, although they consider that he should channel it in favor, because then he wins his temper.

23. Bryan Casas (Necaxa) – 16 years old

Bryan Casas has already made his debut in the First Division, despite being 16 years old. He does not play as a center forward, but he has a facility to define in front of the goal. In Necaxa they consider him one of their most advanced prospects and in the Mexican National Team they have him in a good concept.

24. Emilio Tame (Puebla) – 16 years old

Emilio Tame was born in the Principality of Asturias, Spain, according to his Liga MX record, and he already had the opportunity to train with Leicester of the Premier League, due to the talent he shows with La Franja del Puebla. His main quality is his long passes and free kick charges.

25. José Ángel Eulogio (Pachuca) – 17 years old

He is one of the best goalkeepers for minor teams. Holder in the U-17. The goalkeeper is registered in the Under 17 category of Pachuca, but he is constantly summoned to the Tuzos first team to train.

26. Víctor Ríos (Atlas) – 17 years old

Víctor Ríos is originally from Durango and plays in the Atlas, he is known as the Alacrán, according to local publications. Play containment, “very solvent, technically very good”, are their descriptions. The rojinegros have the best midfield in the sub-17 category.

27. Heriberto Jurado (Necaxa) – 16 years old

“The different player”, describes one of his coaches. Heriberto Jurado was born in Mexico City, but he plays for Necaxa, he participates as a left winger, he is charming and skilled. Another jewel of the Necaxa.

28. Jesús Hernández (Querétaro) – 17 years old

Jesús Hernández plays for the Gallos de Querétaro and at the age of 17 he participates in the Sub 20 of the Blue and White team, he has five goals in the current championship of that category. The footballer is not “a nine finisher”, but he makes the plays and “helps to cover the opponent’s exit”.

29. Everardo López (Toluca) – 16 years old

Everardo López is 16 years old and is a left-handed central defender. The boy is originally from Metepec, shows leadership with the Red Devils of Toluca and has attracted the attention of several viewers. It is expected to be one of the figures of the scarlets.

30. Hugo Camberos (Chivas) – 14 years old

The Mexican National Team tried to summon Hugo Camberos for the sub 15 tournament that was played a few weeks ago in Aguascalientes, but Chivas did not want to lend him. Clubs and the national representative participated in the championship, the champion was Chivas and the 14-year-old boy stood out for being “technically good” and “making good decisions in attack.”

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