Olympus confirms that it will not go to full frame (nor will it join the L Mount alliance) and prepares “juicy” news for this year

Since we told you that the transfer had been completed, we have hardly had any news from Olympus, the brand under which (for the moment) they will continue to market the products of OM Digital Solutions. Well, on April 3, the “Four Thirds Day” was celebrated and the firm held a joint event with Panasonic in which, among other issues, they confirmed that they continue with their commitment to the Micro 4/3 standard and have no intention of making the leap to full frame.

The thing, which has been rumored for months, could make sense given that Panasonic (its main partner in photography) already took this step and the new owner of Olympus has been suggesting that in its new direction they would focus on high-end products. That is why the brand joining the L-Mount alliance, made up of Leica, Sigma and Panasonic itself, could be a “fast track to jump on the bandwagon” of full frame.

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The Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-400mm F4.5 TC1.25x IS PRO super telephoto lens is, at the moment, the latest product launched by the company.

However, at the aforementioned event (in which the advantages and future of the Micro 4/3 system were discussed) the brand offered a official stance totally contradicts To this, he denied that they are going to develop cameras with a full-format sensor (therefore, nothing to join the aforementioned alliance either) and reiterated his commitment to the current cut-out standard.

Already at the end of January the brand launched a statement with which they “put out their chests”, boasting that in 2020 this system was the one that had the most sales in the Japanese market of interchangeable lens digital cameras with a 21,7% of market share. In this press release they also stated that the Micro 4/3 standard “offers unique opportunities for the development of products that meet the needs of the market“and they concluded that”will continue to develop and improve the product line to meet the diverse needs of our customers“.

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Therefore, it seems that OM Digital Solutions continues the line marked by the previous address and confirms that are developing new products that will unveil very soon; Similarly, Panasonic also commented that they are working on new cameras and lenses for the system (in fact they announced the GH-5 replacement just recently), despite the fact that in recent years they have been more focused on their full-frame Lumix S .

Olympus Confirms No Full Frame 02 Pass

The full event can be seen in this YouTube video but we already warn you that it is entirely in Japanese. However, DIY Photography colleagues say that a wide variety of topics was discussed and that OM Digital dropped that is developing something that will make people talk. For example, it was suggested that there might be a replacement for the Olympus PEN-F and it was commented that the brand I was trying to design ƒ1.0 optics for the Micro Four Thirds system, but achieving a similar aperture while maintaining autofocus is very difficult; likewise, they state that they are actively investigating how to achieve better performance from their sensors when using high sensitivities.

What is clear is that OM Digital Solutions seems to be really taking the “resurgence” of the Olympus brand seriously (although, as we said, the use of this name is temporary … but we do not know for how long) and has solid plans to strengthen the brand and its product line, which is undoubtedly good news for its users and for the photographic industry in general.

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