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Olive oil is the best cleanser for your face and we have the right way to use it

We spend our lives hearing about multiple benefits that some kitchen ingredients have for our beauty routine, especially when it comes to oils, which turn out to be infallible allies for skin and hair, but why are we afraid to use it on the face? The best experts in the world specifically recommend olive oil (100% natural) to use on skin and this type is not exclusive for dry or normal skin type, it is recommended even for combination skin.

Probably the first benefit to which we would associate olive oil on the face would be that of moisturize and nourish it, but there is a secret that goes beyond and this is the use of oil to cleanse the face and rid it of impurities. Consider it a gentle exfoliation. A cleaning method that is used by celebrities como Kim Kardashian, Joan Smalls y Chloë Grace Moretz.

The olive oil should be applied during the night before sleeping And of course it should be the first step of the beauty routine to be able to get a deep cleaning in the pores without drying the skin, or leaving it with excess oil. These are the steps to follow:

  1. With clean and of course dry hands, apply a small amount of oil to the facial skin with circular movements and light, massage the face as you would any cleansing oil.
  2. Must be moisten a white towel (this is responsible for making a gentle exfoliation) with warm water, coverlaugh the skin of the face for a few seconds with it, feel it on the skin of the face and wait for the heat of it to begin to remove impurities while activated with olive oil. As this short time passes, gently remove, without scrubbing, the towel from the face.
  3. Repeat this step as many times as necessary to remove makeup or impurities. Oil penetrates pores and expels makeup and dirt that blackheads can form. Finish with your regular cleanser to remove any oil residue.

Jessica Alba shares her homemade beauty routine

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