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Olimpia qualifies for the group final

The White Lions of Olympia they managed to secure the first place from the standings table of the downtown area of ​​the Clausura 2021 Tournament from Lifesaving League, then they tied at zero goals against Motagua in the Classic Nacionahim, thus confirming his favoritism for revalidate the title achieved in the previous championship.

The team led by Pedro Troglio achieved the result with which it manages to reach 32 points in the first position of the table, with this is figure is unattainable because he maintains his advantage of four units against his closest pursuer, which is the cyclone, so that achieved his direct pass to the group final where will he face Real Spain and also to the semifinals.

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The new edition of National Classic catracho football was fought from the first minutes, although it was the visitors who got complicated and with this they condemned their aspirations to take the three points, when before minute 20 the defender Marcelo santos was expelled after receiving two yellow cards.

The one forced to succeed was the team led by Diego Vasquez, but unfortunately for their aspirations they failed to achieve the goal of surpassing the local advocates and everything ended up hurting when stayed with 9 players, when the midfielder Kevin Lopez he was also sent off for a double warning.

Olympiad He did not want to complicate himself in the game, he showed signs of not risk and settled for adding the point which gave him the lead. The albos will close the qualifying round on Tuesday against Marathon and Motagua will have to visit Platense.

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