Olavarría: La Cámpora is accused of the loss of 400 vaccines – Viva la radio

“It is a regrettable fact, because the comrades were left without the possibility of accessing the Sputnik V doses, simply due to improvised handling,” the leader told Chain 3.

In this sense, he argued that there was no joint strategy between the municipality and the province of Buenos Aires “because Olavarría is led by Together for Change.”

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“The municipality has 70 years of experience in vaccination places, with trained personnel, and everything was prepared to receive the Pfizer and Russian vaccines, but La Cámpora turned a deaf ear and went to vaccinate at an oncology center, which is not suitable “He added in reference to the space that responds to Kirchnerism and that Valicenti condones in the Buenos Aires jurisdiction.

José Stuppia assured that the municipality “was oblivious to the situation” and regretted the consequences. “It is unfortunate what they did, because they should have updating to the municipal authorities. Now the companions are left without vaccine, “he concluded.

The mayor of Olavarría, Ezequiel Galli, said that if there was sabotage in the loss of 400 doses of the Sputnik V vaccine against the coronavirus in that district, “we will have to go to the last consequences.”

“The hypotheses that are being handled is a mechanical or electrical failure or a sabotage. It is difficult for me to think that there was a sabotage, I think there was an electrical failure during the long weekend,” he added.

The attorney general of the Buenos Aires town of Azul, Marcelo Sobrino, confirmed that he is investigating whether the deviation in the cold chain that caused the loss of hundreds of doses was due to “an electrical failure in the freezer” where they were located or if it was “an attack.”

Guillermo López interview.

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