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Oily scalp? Identify the causes and remedies to treat it

The oily scalp It is a frequent problem, especially in adolescence and youth, both in women and in men. But although less common, it can also affect adulthood, causing – in addition to an annoying aesthetic problem – significant self-esteem problems that can completely shake our day to day.

If anyone has had the feeling of having their hair permanently greasy or dirty despite having recently washed it, you know what we are talking about.

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As explained by the pharmacist Rocío Escalante, owner of Arbosana Farmacia, “is caused by hyperseborrhea, an excess production of fat, which causes sebum to accumulate at the roots of the hair. The hair feels heavy, and has a flattened appearance, it looks dirty because the sebum traps the dust present in the air and it easily adheres to the hair. It is quite annoying because even on the same day that the hair is washed it can be straight, greasy, with the appearance of dirt, without shine or movement “.

Why do I have oily hair?

– The most common cause of oily scalp is “a hormonal imbalance, something that usually happens in adolescence, and that usually corrects with age, although it is true that some people in adulthood continue to suffer from this imbalance that leads to an excessive production of sebum both on the scalp and on the skin. In general, having oily skin with a tendency to acne breakouts usually coincides with having an oily scalp “, points out the expert.

– Another cause, according to the pharmacist “is the stress, that it can also cause hyperseborrhea in certain people, especially those who have a genetic predisposition. In addition, the use of products that eliminate part of the necessary lipids from the scalp or products that are unsuitable for the type of scalp, can cause oiliness. “

How to take care of oily hair?

For caring for an oily scalp is important “wash it whenever necessary, it is more harmful to leave the oil on the scalp. But you have to use suitable products for this problem. To make it very clean, it is advisable to moisten the scalp and wash gently without much water, in this way the “grease traps” agents will do their job better.

Is It is advisable to use products with active ingredients that have antiseptic and / or antifungal properties., such as zinc, curbicea or melaleuca, “says Rocío Escalante. In addition, we must forget about products that contain silicones and oils because, by weighing down the hair, they will only aggravate the situation.

The expert also advises “to choose shampoos aimed at spacing the frequency of washing by regulating the hyperproduction of sebum. In addition, it is advisable to use a hair scrub once a week to remove impurities from the scalp and prevent the follicle from clogging.”

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