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Oil spill contaminates large area: Israel accuses Iran of “environmental terror”

Oil spill contaminates large area
Israel accuses Iran of “environmental terror”

Large amounts of oil pollute the coast of Israel. Authorities believe that a ship from Iran is responsible for the disaster. Environment Minister Gamliel speaks of terrorism and calls for compensation.

Israel’s Environment Minister Gila Gamliel has blamed a ship from Iran for a Libyan company for the oil spill on the coast of her country. After a two-week search, the ship that caused the accident was identified, Gamliel wrote on Twitter. It is not just an environmental crime, but environmental terrorism.

According to a report by the Jerusalem Post, Gamliel said at a press conference that the ship was under cover of darkness and turned off communications equipment before draining oil into Israeli waters for almost a day. It then drove to Syria and back to Iran. She also said Israel would demand redress.

The newspaper quoted Gamliel as saying that it is now showing that Iran is not only terrorizing Israel with weapons, but also by harming the environment. But the country is not only affecting Israel, “nature and animals do not belong to just one nation. This is a struggle that crosses borders,” according to Gamliel.

Two weeks ago, a large amount of oil had heavily polluted the coasts of Israel and Lebanon, and wildlife was particularly affected. Experts speak of the worst environmental disaster in Israel in a long time. The cleaning work on the beaches could take years from their point of view. Initially, the Israeli Ministry of Environment suspected a Greek ship to be responsible. But this turned out to be wrong.

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