Fans of the Prima Donna have repeatedly called Lisa Galkina the mother’s angel and all because of the girl’s radiant bright smile and blond curls. But showman Maxim Galkin admits that his daughter and Alla are growing up as a fashionista. The girl, like her brother Harry, is fluent in French, plays music, loves to draw, dance, sing and organize a fashion show. There are a lot of stylish outfits in Lisa’s children’s wardrobe. Dresses and all kinds of trendy bows would be the envy of teenage girls too.

In one of the memorable pictures that showman Maxim Galkin published in his personal profile, Lisa posed in a powder coat, over a dress. Her bow was complemented by thick white tights, boots with scarlet laces, and the baby covered her head with a chiffon scarf. The girl was holding a pussy willow in her hands. Her brother Harry posed next to her.

The Diva’s husband assured that their children are very friendly and inseparable. They do everything together. So the kids also went to the first grade together. By school they had already learned to read, count and write. But Alla Pugacheva kept the children away from the computer and tablets for a long time, believing that the kids should get all the information from the family.

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