Officials celebrated in style ignoring the pandemic in 2020

To avoid contagion of COVID-19, the Health Secretary made several recommendations to the population, such as the use of face masks, staying home and avoiding meetings and parties, however, several officials and political figures did not comply with these measures and even carried out massive events.

In August, the PRI mayor of Dolores Hidalgo, Miguel Ángel Rayas caused controversy for failing to comply with his own orders, as he celebrated with dozens of guests thes XV years of his daughter, when he had forbidden any kind of mass event.

It was the same daughter of the mayor who shared photographs of her great fiesta birthday, in which guests were seen without wearing masks and without keeping a healthy distance.

The action of Miguel Ángel Rayas not only unleashed disagreement among users of social networks, but also in the business and commercial union, and in political opponents, who even accused him of being a “hypocrite”.

Other that too celebration In great the XV years of his daughter, he was the deputy of Veracruz for Morena, José Magdaleno, and he even showed it off on his social networks.

At least 100 people attended the event, despite the fact that the Health Secretary approved that only 50 diners could participate with the mandatory use of face masks, disinfectant mats and antibacterial gel, as well as a distribution of tables that respects the healthy distance.

COVID-19 stopped work, but not love

The COVID-19 pandemic was not an impediment to the marriage bonds of the officials, as was the case of Ricardo Moreno, private secretary of the governor of Baja California, Jaime Bonilla Valdez.

The official celebrated his wedding in Tijuana, with 130 guests, on September 25, just when the entity was in Red light.

Among the guests was Dr. Alonso Pérez Rico, in charge of fighting the pandemic in the entity, and who had repeatedly insisted the population not to hold mass events, to stop the number of infections.

On December 19, when the State of Mexico returned to a red light due to the increase in COVID-19 cases, the Mayor of Naucalpan, Patricia Durán Reyes, also celebrated her wedding, which was attended by 150 people.

Although the party took place in Morelos, the guests were without masks and as expected, they did not respect the healthy distance either.

It should be noted that Morelos returned to a red light on December 23, so the state governor, Cuauhtémoc Blanco, called on the population to respect health protocols.

Did you forget the pandemic?

So far in the pandemic, opposition legislators have launched countless complaints to the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell for his alleged “mismanagement” of the health emergency.

However, last week, PRI deputies caught the attention of netizens, after conducting a fiesta in the Palace of San Lázaro to celebrate the end of the ordinary period.

The tricolor deputies set up three tents in one of the gardens of the compound where the party offices are located, and even celebrated with live music.

In these months, not only opposition officials and politicians carried out events that did not comply with health protocols, but also the workers of the Ministry of Health.

Around 80 workers from the Ministry of Health attended the end of the year party, which was held in a hotel in the Roma neighborhood, without face masks or healthy distance.

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