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OAS asks to wait patiently for the result

The head of the electoral mission of the Organization of American States (OAS) for the presidential elections this Sunday in Ecuador, Isabel de Saint Malo, urged voters to wait patiently for the results.

De Saint Malo, in a statement released by his office in Quito, urged Ecuadorians to “await the results that the electoral authority will release with patience and tranquility,” and with the confidence that the popular will will be respected.

More than 13 million Ecuadorians have been empowered to go tomorrow Sunday to vote for their future ruler, in a second and final round of voting between the progressive Andrés Arauz and the conservative Guillermo Lasso.

The Ecuadorian National Electoral Council (CNE) did not give way to the presentation of results based on a quick count of electoral records, with which the scrutiny will be the only official version of the voting.

In addition, De Saint Malo vowed that Sunday’s day “unfolds in a peaceful and successful manner, and that the will of the citizens expressed at the polls be respected.”

These elections, he added, “represent a historic opportunity for the Ecuadorian people to make their voice heard and democratically and freely elect their leaders.”

Therefore, he urged Ecuadorians to “come to cast their vote with patriotism and responsibility, abiding by the biosafety protocols designed to take care of their health” in the current circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic.

“To the candidates in the running, I congratulate them for having reached this stage and I also urge them to conduct themselves with civility and high-mindedness. The campaign has been left behind and it is now up to the citizens to choose the future they want for Ecuador.” , added the head of the electoral observation mission.

He also recognized the electoral authorities of Ecuador and the citizens who will assume as members of the Voting Reception Boards (JRV), “for their democratic commitment and the organization of a very complex electoral process, in the midst of a pandemic, which has involved major logistical and political challenges “.

He explained that the mission he presides is made up of 77 people from 21 American countries, 69 of them “experts and observers” who are in the country, plus 8 remote specialists, who will cover 18 provinces in the country and 4 cities abroad. .

“This will allow us to make a comprehensive analysis of the process and issue recommendations with a view to strengthening Ecuadorian democracy,” added De Saint Malo.

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