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Nuevo León authorizes fans in stadiums on the eve of America’s visit

Tigres and Rayados will be able to open their venues again with a maximum of 20 percent of their capacity

The return of the fans in Nuevo León is authorized, so for This Saturday’s game between Tigres and América will open the doors of the University Stadium in the event that the San Nicolás de los Garza team sends the necessary permits to the Liga MX authorities and these are authorized.

Manuel de la O Cavazos, secretary of health in Nuevo León, declared that “we have decided to open the stadiums with 20 percentOnly adults and over 12 years of age, not children under 12, only 20 percent of the capacity “.

“Health personnel will be supervising the actions. The quota should not exceed 20 percent of the capacity, the seats will be disabled so as not to make groups of more than two people, the sale of tickets will be electronically,” he said.

This saturday, the felines will receive América at the University within the fourteenth day of the Guard1anes Closing Tournament 2021 and the club will have to send the corresponding permits to the MX League so that the opening of the property can be given.

Manuel de la O Cavazos indicated that the bathrooms and stair accesses will be identified in the directions that will have to be used so that there is greater control within the buildings.

“Before the opening, all areas of the stadium will be sanitized, all the people who enter the stadium will be subjected to a temperature measurement, if someone has a fever, they will not be allowed to enter.

“All food must be served on a disposable basis, during the event the established exit protocol must be communicated on the screens to ensure flow in the corridors and always keep social distancing measures, they should always wear face masks,” he added.

The health secretary added that the areas of the animation groups will be closed, so that the bars of Libres and Lokos de Tigres will not be able to be in the University or The Addiction of Rayados in the BBVA.

“The access to the stadium with blankets, rags, musical instruments will not be allowed, obviously the cheers of Free and Loos and The Addiction will not be allowed, we need an order.

“In case of anomalies we can suspend the game, we can suspend the stadiums, so please it is important to continue taking care of ourselves, we have worked intensely during this year to reduce infections, but we do not want the measures to be relaxed, I know that the staff of both stadiums help us, but we must be responsible, “he added.

Jaime Rodriguez Calderón, governor of Nuevo León, stated that if the measures are not complied with, there will be an economic sanction for the responsible club.

“From 80 thousand pesos to one and a half million pesos, but we do not want to collect the fine, we want them to continue, the fine does not imply that we will not close the stadium, we are going to close it,” he declared.

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