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Nueva Mujer Ecuador promotes the third edition of the ‘Power Look Challenge’

Once again we are on the screens of your devices with our edition Nº33 of Nueva Mujer Ecuador.

This time we want to tell you about our super makeup contest Power Look Challenge.

You don’t need to be a professional makeup artist, just have a taste for this skill and show us a video of your look. See the steps to follow in this digital edition.

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We also tell you the story of self-improvement of the Ecuadorian pilot Juan Manuel Correa and the influence of the support of his family and his girlfriend after the fatal accident that almost left him lifeless in August 2019 on a track in Belgium.

Also in our pages you will discover how important a look change is to raise your self-esteem. Learn about the facial treatment most used by Hollywood stars and analyze if you want to become a positive influencer and what are their profiles and advantages.

In our gourmet section, our chef Nicolás Abumohor teaches you how to prepare sushi at home and get ready to see the films nominated for the Oscar 2021.

Stay connected to our social networks where you can see our streams and all the information about our contest.

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