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Now the child is dead – opponent of the vaccination infected daughter († 4) with Corona

Corona-Tragedy in Texas!

A mother apparently infected her four-year-old daughter Kali with Covid – then the girl died as a result of the infection.

The fatal thing: The mother was an opponent of vaccinations, meanwhile regrets her attitude. “I was one of those people who were against it, I was against it,” she told the local newspaper „Galveston County Daily“.

Little Kali died in her sleep at home in Bacliff. Just five hours after she woke up in the early hours of the morning with the first signs of a fever.

The grieving mother: “Kali was completely healthy – and then she was gone. It got them so quickly. “

First child to die of Covid in the district

Kali is the first child to die of corona during the Galveston County’s pandemic. According to the local authorities, there have been around 50,000 corona cases there so far, and 470 people have died. Most recently, according to media reports, the vaccination rate in the district was only around 50 percent.

The girl had just started preschool classes. However, according to the authorities, there is no evidence that she could have been infected there. The contact tracing showed that the only infected person in her vicinity was her own family.

After the terrible loss, the family has one Online fundraiser started among other things for the funeral expenses. It has raised more than $ 20,000.

As they say goodbye to little Kali, the family writes: “Her heart was too pure for this cruel world and God decided that he needs another beautiful angel by his side.”

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