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Now soak up the sun again – Next week it will be brrrrrrrrutal cold

It will be freezing cold – especially at night and at higher altitudes: next week winter will knock on our door! Even if only briefly …

First the good news: At the weekend, all meteorological signs point to a golden autumn. During the day, the sun prevails across the country.

But: “It gets really fresh at night,” explains meteorologist Dominik Jung from the weather service Q.met. “The coldest night will be from Saturday to Sunday. Then the temperatures will drop lower than they have been since the end of May. In the south and east, air frost is expected in places, frost at a height of two meters. Otherwise there is widespread ground frost. “

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And it continues chilly: “Next week, Wednesday and Thursday, there will be a polar air advance,” said the weather expert.

“It brings cold air masses from the north and some precipitation. It falls at high altitudes, from 700 to 800 meters in part as snow or sleet. They are the first snowflakes of the new season. “

After that, it should get warmer again – and that, according to meteorologist Jung, probably even by the end of the month. And this is how it will be in the next few days:

Friday: 12 to 17 degrees, lots of sun, only colder in constant fog

Saturday: 14 to 19 degrees, plenty of sunshine, fog or haze in the morning

Sunday: 12 to 18 degrees, lots of sunshine and dry, some mist or fog in the morning

Monday: 12 to 17 degrees, first nice, then more clouds and a little rain

Tuesday: 8 to 13 degrees, lots of clouds, some showers, later wet snowflakes in the high altitudes

Wednesday: 7 to 13 degrees, showers again and again, snowflakes in the high altitudes

Thursday: 8 to 15 degrees, slowly warmer and nicer again

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