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Now she’s making a fortune – the broke pastor becomes a stripper

As is well known, the good Lord loves all of his flocks …

Crazy story from the United States: A woman doesn’t make enough money as a pastor. So Nikole Mitchell (36) swapped the preacher’s desk and chaste clothes for a pole dance pole and bikini – and now lives in a million dollar property.

The mother of three also works as a life coach, giving people tips on how to get their lives right. Apparently with success, because the American has more than 183,000 fans on Instagram.

She also shares her successes with her followers: “I lead a fantastic life in which I earn between 30,000 and 100,000 dollars a month.”

To take note: we’re talking about sums between 25,000 and 85,000 euros! And accordingly, the 36-year-old also resides in a million dollar villa in sunny California.

Nikole Mitchell wasn’t always on the sunny side of life. Not enough money came in with preaching. So the mom of three started stripping.

Much to the displeasure of her husband at the time, who no longer plays a role in her life. He can still admire his ex at OnlyFans. Nikole Mitchell has more than 61,000 supporters for the website for erotic to pornographic content.

So the ruble is rolling with the former bankrupt pastor. She says: “I lead a magical life!” The secret of the power woman: never give up.

The three children of Nikole Mitchell play an important role. Even as a single mother, the influencer never thought of failure. And their efforts have “paid off a hundredfold” today.

The former preacher has finished with the church. “What I am doing today is so much better than the values ​​I learned about sexuality in church.”

Spoke it and excited her fans on the pole dance pole and at OnlyFans …

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