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Now live at BILD – Shredded Banksy work will be auctioned

The hype about the artist never ends.

A work by British artist Banksy will be auctioned on Thursday at the London auction house Sotheby’s (start was at 7 p.m.). The special thing about it is that it is about half shredded. The estimated price is a gigantic four to six million pounds (just under five to seven million euros)!

Three years ago Sotheby’s auctioned the picture for a million pounds (around 1.2 million euros). A few seconds after the hammer fell, a shredder built into the frame began to partially destroy the work.

Shortly afterwards, Banksy confessed to the action. He gave the resulting new work the name “Love is in the bin” (love is in the bucket).

The picture from 2006 is one of Banksy’s most famous motifs. It shows a girl reaching for a heart-shaped red balloon. Before it was shredded, it was called “Girl with Balloon”.

On Friday, Christie’s auction house in London is auctioning another version of the motif.

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