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‘Not one more bullet’, they demand after the funeral of ‘Güerito’


With deep pain, the people of Apatzingán, Michoacán, fired the little “Güerito”, for whom three days of mourning have been declared throughout the municipality.

In his honor, the message was loud and clear: “not one more bullet.”

Juan Carlos Chiprés Aburto, barely five years old, He died the victim of a stray bullet fired on the last day of 2020, which he received when he was already sleeping in his bed.

The tin roof of the humble house located in the Pénjamo neighborhood could not stop the impact that caused his immediate death.

Between music, white balloons and the yellow ball that he had asked the Three Wise Men and with which he never managed to play, his parents, little brothers, relatives, neighbors and people who knew the tragedy and accompanied their family, watched throughout the first day of the year and until the early hours of this Saturday to “Güerito”, as Juan Carlos Chiprés was affectionately called.

The death of Juan Carlos shocked the entire Tierra Caliente de Michoacán and in the places where the news was known.

Social networks poured into emotional and indignant messages of support for the humble family of “Güerito” and others did so in person.

Organized taxi drivers from Apatzingán showed up at the wake, when they handed over to Juan Carlos’ father the money they had collected, their message was interrupted: “This is financial support, we know that you will not return your son …”, the spokesman received the strong hug of the father of “Güerito”; both men wept.

At a press conference, the authorities condemned the tragedy. Despite the preventive actions to avoid this practice and the operations deployed after the death of Juan Carlos, there were no detainees.

José Luis Cruz Lucatero, municipal president of Apatzingán, justified that at the end of the year, “there were shots but far below what has been happening in other years.”

At the initiative of the Catholic Church, mourning was declared in the municipality of Apatzingán.

Monsignor Cristóbal Ascencio García, bishop of the Diocese of Apatzingán, reported that he proposed a minimum of three days of mourning “in this society of Apatzingán, because it is society, if not all, a part of society, which has caused this death that is a crime”.

The bishop of the Diocese of Apatzingán said that it is not the first time that events like this have occurred, he said that in six years he has been working in Apatzingán, “at least I think there are three people who have died in this way, due to these shootings.”

The final call from the authorities and the Church was in the sense of breaking with this tradition that threatens life.

They also called for the placement of a black bow on the doors of homes, as a sign of repudiation of the practice that cost the little “Güerito” his life and to express their solidarity with the pain that today invades this Michoacan family.

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