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Not far from the castle of Pugacheva and Galkin, a lioness was seen on the roof of the house

In the village of Kozino near Moscow, which is located next to the village of Gryaz, where a castle was built near the prima donna of the national stage Alla Pugacheva and TV presenter Maxim Galkin, a lioness was seen on the roof of one of the houses. Locals filmed a dangerous animal. Rescuers and police have already moved to the scene.

It is curious that this is not the first time that the small village of Kozino is included in the news bulletins. A couple of years ago, a cougar escaped from here from one of the houses, according to the telegram channel Mash.

Note that the husband of Alla Pugacheva, showman Maxim Galkin, went on a tour of the country a few days ago. For the first time in the last year. In particular, he shared a video from Nizhny Novgorod, where he was in one of the hotels. Therefore, the showman is not at home now.

It is possible that the Prima Donna could be in serious danger. However, I want to believe that the rescuers will not allow the lioness to sneak into the possessions of Galkin and Pugacheva.

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