Not even in dreams Gatell beats Ciro and Krauze … if Lilly Téllez finished it!

Outside of government-controlled press conferences, Gatell doesn’t do it. Ciro and Krauze would easily knock him out.

Presidente AMLO:

You know Lilly Winter. He surely interviewed you sometime in TV Azteca. But mostly you treated her when, in 2018, she was Morena’s candidate in the state of Sonora.

The accredited journalist had that privilege thanks to an invitation you made. Lilly has not been and will not be a leftist woman, but you invited her to participate in your project because of her popularity. He won the elections – in a team with Alfonso Durazo– Thanks to your involvement in all social sectors, no doubt, but also because she is highly appreciated in that Northwest entity.

You helped Lilly Téllez win the Senate seat and she helped you win the presidency of Mexico. Obviously, the journalist and your most passionate and convinced followers of the benefits of the left politics. Soon that was clear and Lilly left Morena to join the PAN group in the Senate. I didn’t like what he did, but it was his right.

You will remember, Andrés Manuel, that in October of last year the doctor Hugo Lopez-Gatell had a meeting / debate with senators and senators. There, Mrs. Téllez smashed, dialectically speaking, the head of the Mexican government’s strategy against pandemic.

Without exaggerating, Lilly ridiculizó a Gatell. He had to be rescued by senators from Morena who suspended the appearance of the undersecretary so that the journalist would not continue beating him. Poor thing, they made him suffer.

In the Senate, in front of a good journalist, López-Gatell exhibited all his limitations for discussion. And it is not the same to throw roll and more roll —And more and more and more stuff — at press conferences controlled by the apparatus of the Mexican state than to face someone on equal terms.

This morning, President López Obrador, you suggested a discussion of Enrique Krauze and Ciro Gómez Leyva with Hugo López-Gatell. Do you really want your collaborator knocked out? If he couldn’t with Lilly —She is an effective professional journalist, but with little experience in dialectical encounters— even less will she be able to with two men more cultured than Gatell, with a better track record in their respective professional specialties and obviously more than qualified to debate.

In the morning of this Wednesday you unveiled the Gatell’s resume. It’s good, no doubt — much better than his performance at the head of the pandemic-, but it was not clear to me if you included a relevant data of his Biography: While you and many other people resisted all kinds of pressure during Calderón’s administration, the rockstar of epidemiology collaborated in that spurious government. He stopped doing so not because of his democratic convictions, but because he was fired. Yes, they fired him because he did a bad job. And is that common sense and the good sense that nature no from, Johns Hopkins University does not provide.

By the way, loved and admired – and always respected Andres Manuel“ I think you should frankly admit, as much as it bothers you, that Gatell set a lousy example by leaving pandemic vacation. He paperboard by Hernández of this six january in The Day leaves no room for doubt. Impossible to say that José Hernández has already joined the group of journalists who are enemies of the 4T. The undersecretary’s blunders are so noticeable that there is no way to hide them.

I say goodbye, Andrés Manuel, wishing you the greatest triumphs this 2021, which I am sure will be excellent for Mexico and for your government, despite some officials maletones; As the rockstar, In my opinion; in my very personal point of view that is someone’s really convinced that you are the best president for the worst time.

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