Northern Ireland: Expert catches pigeon during video conference in Parliament

A bizarre situation during a committee meeting in the Northern Irish Parliament caused amusement on social media on Wednesday evening. A pigeon of all things played a role during the video conference interview of an expert whose name is almost identical to the English word for the bird.

A short clip that was circulating on Twitter shows Colin Pidgeon jumping up from his seat and shouting, “I’ve literally just caught a pigeon.” He holds the bird up to the camera. The members of the Finance Committee seem delighted with the change. “That’s much more interesting,” a voice can be heard. The chairman finally says, “Colin, let the pigeon out, we’ll skip the question.”

How exactly the bird got into the expert’s apartment was not clear. However, he appeared to be sitting in an attic room with the window open. Pidgeon’s cat may have played a role. BBC journalist Darran Marshall wrote on Twitter that the cat had brought the pigeon into the study.

The expert, visibly relieved that he had gotten rid of the bird, assured the amused MPs: “She flew away, so the cat didn’t kill her.” Darran’s post was retweeted on the Finance Committee’s Twitter account, which reads: The committee informs that neither the pigeon nor Pidgeon were injured in the process. “

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