North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un admits failure of economic plan

The five-year plan in North Korea has failed in most areas. The ruler Kim Jong Un has also admitted this. Now a new plan is to be presented.

According to state media, North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong Un has admitted that the five-year plan for the economy “in almost all sectors” has failed. In his opening speech at the party congress on Tuesday, Kim praised the country’s workers who “resolutely overcome difficulties” during the coronavirus pandemic, the KCNA news agency reported.

Kim called for greater independence for North Korea in order to overcome challenges at home and abroad. He was expected to present a new five-year plan and a foreign policy statement at Congress. The isolated country has not yet reported a corona outbreak.

Formally, the Congress, which was originally supposed to be held every five years, is the party’s most important body. But the seventh congress in May 2016 was the first in 36 years. Because of its nuclear weapons program, North Korea is subject to international sanctions.

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