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Nord Stream 2: Section in German waters apparently completed

Russia is apparently making progress with the construction of the controversial Baltic Sea gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 despite the threats of US sanctions. The 2.6 kilometer long section of the project in German waters was completed shortly before a partial permit for the construction work expired, reports the company Nord Stream 2 AG according to the dpa news agency. The Reuters agency had previously reported that the Russian laying ship “Fortuna” had left the construction site in the Baltic Sea.

Construction has continued since the beginning of December after a one-year break. The head of the Russian energy company Gazprom, Alexej Miller, said last week that 94 percent of the pipeline had now been completed – currently more than 2,300 kilometers.

Apparently, laying work in Danish waters should begin in mid-January. According to the dpa media report, citing authorities in Denmark. In addition to the laying ship “Fortuna”, other Russian ships are to be relocated to the region to provide support. Denmark granted Nord Stream 2 AG an operating permit at the beginning of October. According to the dpa, the company announced that it would “be informed in due course” of further plans.

There is a threat of further sanctions from the USA

The USA had threatened further sanctions to stop the project on the last few meters. In the future, an additional 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas will be pumped from Russia to Germany every year through the two lines of the pipeline, which will cost around 9.5 billion euros.

The USA is against the project and justifies this with the fact that its European partners are too dependent on Russian gas. Critics accuse the USA, on the other hand, of simply wanting to sell their liquid gas better in Europe. However, there is also resistance to the project within the EU, particularly from Poland and the Baltic states.

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