52-year-old music critic Sergei Sosedov spoke harshly about the members of the jury of the show “Mask” on the NTV channel. In his opinion, many of them are not very professional. And in general, according to the journalist, the program often looks very artificial and strained. As an example, he cited the tears of the singer Aziza in one of the previous episodes, which, according to Sergei Vasilyevich, was directed.

“There is no criticism in The Mask. Participants sing, jury members sit, guess, have fun. Everyone is happy and happy. Aziza was crying – well, she just cried. Bullshit! She has been in show business for a hundred years, she knows very well how to behave. Here’s a sabbath on the Internet after her departure turned out to be a noble one. I think the show only benefited from her reaction to leaving, ”Neighbors expressed his opinion.

According to the critic, if he was a member of the jury at the “Mask”, he would behave in a completely different way. According to Sergei Vasilyevich, it is necessary to disclose those who are difficult to recognize, and not vice versa. Why, for example, was Larisa Dolina open last season, if everyone already knew that it was her? However, as Sosedov says, “Mask” shows very high ratings, despite numerous criticism. Therefore, it is hardly possible to talk about the closure of the show now.

“If they talk about the show, it means that there is interest in it, they are watching it. Therefore, no one will close it. I do not follow the “Mask”, but I saw some of the performances fragmentarily. Kirkorov behaves correctly, and who will be kicked out today or tomorrow – a Unicorn, a Rhino or a Hippopotamus … What’s the difference! Anyway, sooner or later, everyone will reveal their faces, and we will understand who is hiding behind this or that mask, ”concluded Sousedov, who is quoted by“ Interlocutor ”.


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