No one listened and no one suspected. Mother who killed her 2 children in Tijuana was a teacher … and youtuber

The woman killed her two little ones (a 4-year-old girl and a 9-year-old boy). Later, he attempted suicide by slitting his wrists.

Mexico City / Tijuana, January 4 (However) .- Zaira Viridiana Leyva Aviles killed to their two children and later tried to commit suicide, in Tijuana Baja California. Today it was revealed that I was a teacher and enabled a channel YouTube to advise their students.

Yesterday it became known that two minors (a 4-year-old girl and a 9-year-old boy) were murdered by their own mother, who later tried to commit suicide, in a home located in Privada Dante in the Villa Fontana neighborhood of the city of Tijuana.

Faced with what happened, paramedics went to the home due to the complaint that warned that the children were unconscious in the place but could not do anything for the minors, because they no longer had vital signs.

At the site, the authorities reported that the mother was the aggressor and that she was out of control, but despite her state of hysteria, she acknowledged that she suffocated her children with a pillow and in that way took their lives.

The YouTube channel. Image: Screenshot.

According to the statements of the aforementioned, after committing the infanticide he tried to kill himself with a knife.

After collecting the evidence at the scene, authorities arrested both the father and the woman, who accepted the murder of the children,


“I was awake most of the morning -on January 2- and I never heard anything strange, a struggle, a fight, nothing, and it was until the afternoon (of that same day) that I saw that the police arrived, and until then I knew about the tragedy, ”a neighbor of Zayra Viridiana Leyva Avilés told the daily Zeta.

Residents of the private Dante, in Villa Fontana, reported that on the day of the tragedy, they did not hear any suspicious noise from inside the B-17 house, alerting them to some violent event. They realized it when they saw a patrol arrive in silence.

“Then the man – Miguel Antonio Rivas Martínez, father of the children – came out of the house, and he let the policemen in. I think he was the one who found the children and he spoke to the police. Then they were taken – the children’s parents – and that was when it was learned that the two children had died, “said the inhabitant of a house adjacent to the victims in the private Dante.

Another woman said that she managed to see that a relative of the children’s father arrived and told officials that the couple had been separated for a long time.

Regarding Zayra Viridiana Leyva Avilés, the neighbors indicated that she was a reserved, kind person, who worked as a higher level teacher and they never noticed that she was someone who could harm their children.

“It was terrible, I think no one expects to hear that from the neighbor, they say that when she was taken out of the house she confessed that she killed them -children-, but the truth is that nobody knows what happened in that house,” said one of the residents.

On the night of Saturday, December 2, through a press release, the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) confirmed that 33-year-old Zaira Viridiana Leyva Avilés was arrested for allegedly having murdered her two sons, Alejandro Said Rivas Leyva, 9 years old and Naara Melissa Rivas Leyva, 4 years old.

It was detailed that the woman had her wrists covered in blood, and they found a knife with blood stains in the house.

According to information given to ZETA By the authorities, the woman suffocated the minors with a pillow and tried to kill herself by cutting her veins, however, she survived.

According to the FGE, the father of the minors was the one who made the report to number 911, and during his statement he reported that he had been separated from the mother of his children for approximately two years.

Evidence was collected in the house that will be integrated into the investigation folder in order to expose it to the Control Judge, so that I can determine the probable responsibility of the accused, the FGE concluded.


Luis Alfredo “N” beat his three children, ages 3, 7 and 8, to death after an argument with his partner in Hidalgo. He was arrested in Sonora.

The aggression against the minors occurred this Saturday, January 2, when Alfredo argued with his wife and in revenge took the lives of their children at their home located in the July 11 neighborhood in the Municipality of Mineral de la Reforma.

The aggressor called his father before fleeing and told him what had happened, for which his father filed the complaint with the authorities, who, when they went to the home, confirmed the facts and started the investigation folder.

This Sunday, Luis Alfredo was handed over to the authorities of Hidalgo, at the Ignacio Pesquera International Airport in Hermosillo.

The authorities of Hidalgo will determine the legal situation of the subject.

-With information from Zeta, AP and La Opinion.

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