No idea of ​​Bundeswehr missions: the new left leader embarrasses herself – domestic politics

The new co-leader of the Left, Susanne Hennig-Wellsow, revealed in an interview absolute ignorance about the operations of the Bundeswehr.

Journalist Tilo Jung (35) asked Henning-Wellsow in his “Young and naive” format about the attitude of the left to the Bundeswehr’s current missions abroad.

▶ ︎ The party “Die Linke” demands a withdrawal of all German soldiers from foreign deployments and the termination of all combat missions.

When asked directly, WHICH combat missions she wanted to end, Hennig-Wellsow simply replied that she did not have an eye on all missions individually.

The co-boss of the left also had to pass the question of whether she knew HOW MANY combat missions of the Bundeswehr are currently going on.

“Afghanistan has already been decided. So … it was decided that it would end. That is obviously now being called into question again, ”said Hennig-Wellsow when she was asked by Tilo Jung to give an example of a combat mission that should be ended.

“What about other combat missions?” Asks Tilo Jung.

► Hennig-Wellsow names Somalia as the current location of the Bundeswehr, but rows back and says himself that it is not a combat mission.

The Bundeswehr is currently protecting the ships of the World Food Program as well as sea and trade routes off the coast of Somalia with “units of the German Navy,” it says on the Internet. An important protection mission, not a combat mission.

The left-wing politician cannot think of any other missions. She asks an employee in the background of the interview for further examples – but apparently he cannot help either.

With twelve ongoing missions abroad, according to the Bundeswehr, this is a poor record for the federal chairman of a party. “There are certainly more, but they should be ended,” says Hennig-Wellsow.

▶ ︎ The excerpt that Tilo Jung shared on Twitter ends with the politician calling it her party’s standard that Bundeswehr soldiers do not belong abroad.

There is no trace of appreciation for the approximately 3,000 soldiers currently deployed abroad.

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