No damage, CFE towers in the area of ​​the fire that caused the blackout

Padilla, Tamps.— On a tour of the municipality of Padilla, EL UNIVERSAL found the site of burnt grass and reed where, according to the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) would have originated megaapagón that last Monday affected 10.3 million users.

However, the fire did not spread across the 30 hectares that the company reported Tuesday.

The point is located on land belonging to the San Patricio ejido, Padilla municipality, and not in El Gallo, as the CFE erroneously cited.

It is an area of ​​reeds, grassland and small bushes, where the cause that originated the fire would have been the clandestine dumps that are there.

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The site of the fire is 43 kilometers north of Ciudad Victoria, under the electric power towers of the CFE transmission lines and a short distance from the homes of the San Patricio ejido.

“We have not heard of any fire here, but we did see a helicopter yesterday, that way,” said Francisco, a resident of the El Gallo ejido.

“Did you hear about the blackout on Monday?”

– “No, the power hasn’t even gone out here,” he replied.

When trying to find the site of the fire, a helicopter flyby over the towers helped to locate the exact point. It was one CFE aircraft.

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When he arrived he still smelled burning, the reed is black, and smoke was coming from the bottom of a well. It is one of the places where they burn la garbage, under the transmission lines.

In the place there were towers of the company, whose structures were not damaged by fire, and there were no personnel guarding the area or evidence of work to put out the fire.

In San Patricio the inhabitants refused to provide information, arguing that they were unaware of the subject.

On Tuesday, at a virtual press conference, the director of CFE Transmission, Noé Peña SilvaHe said that the cold front brought strong winds, “and a fire started in the grassland, below the line; an area where a 30-hectare fire is detected ”.

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He stated that, even if it was a small fire, it is created “An ionization of the air”, a fault between conductors of the line and part of the earth’s surface.

A controversial point was the presentation by the CFE of an alleged report from the General Coordination of Civil Protection of Tamaulipas, with an account of the events.

The General Coordinator of Civil Protection, Pedro Granados, He pointed out that they did not participate in the fire, “it seems strange to us that we are involved with a supposed trade where they do a whole narrative with other schedules … it does not bring stamps, the signature is not. There are many inconsistencies ”.

He added that the signature of the Director of Coordination with Municipalities, Emmanuel González, it was also false.

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