“No answers from Pyongyang”: North Korea ignores Biden’s attempts to contact him

“No answers from Pyongyang”
North Korea ignores Biden’s attempts at contact

The US government has been trying to establish contact with North Korea for weeks. But so far all efforts have come to nothing. The Kim Jong Un regime leaves all inquiries unanswered. US President Biden wants to conclude the review of his country’s North Korea policy shortly.

North Korea has not yet responded to diplomatic efforts by the US government under President Joe Biden to establish contact. A senior US government official who wanted to remain anonymous told Reuters: “We have not yet received any responses from Pyongyang.”

The American government has tried several times since mid-February to contact the North Korean government in various ways. The North Korean mission to the United Nations was also involved in the effort.

The government official declined to speculate on how the Pyongyang silence might affect the review of the Biden government’s North Korean policy. It should be completed in the coming weeks. The revelation of previously unsuccessful US efforts behind the scenes raises questions about how Biden will deal with mounting tensions over North Korea’s nuclear arsenal and ballistic missile programs.

Kim described the USA as the greatest enemy

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin will travel to Japan and South Korea next week. North Korea’s nuclear weapons concern is expected to be high on the agenda of the talks.

North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong Un had announced shortly before Joe Biden’s inauguration a further expansion of the North Korean nuclear arsenal and described the USA as his country’s greatest enemy. Biden had called Kim a criminal during the election campaign and declared in October that he would only meet with the ruler of North Korea if he agreed to disarm his country’s nuclear arsenal in advance.

Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump had met with Kim three times. He had offered the North Korean the relaxation of sanctions in return for nuclear disarmament, but there was no breakthrough.

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