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Niño del Oxxo is the victim of cruel jokes – People – Culture

Elijah Navarro he is a mexican better known as el ‘Niño del Oxxo’, who rose to fame since a video of him went viral in which he is shown acting as a cashier who makes a funny reaction when one of the customers tells him he wants to buy condoms and black Halls.

Recently the minor, of 12 years, was part of a cruel joke against him organized by the famous audiovisual producer ‘Badabun’ and the supposed client of the viral video, Daniel Morales. This after the little one told them in an interview that I wanted to have a team so I could continue making videos.

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However, they played on his feelings and almost ended his dream of being a great content creator.

In a video that was shared on Facebook and YouTube and went viral in a matter of minutes, the organizers are seen giving Elías – who could not hide his happy face – a supposed gift that would help him in his career as an influencer.

When asked about what he thought the present was, the ‘Niño del Oxxo’ replied that he thought it might be a cell phone. However, once he opened the box, he was not very pleasantly surprised.

Instead of a mobile device, Elias found a rodent that came out of the top of the box that contained the supposed gift. Without realizing that it was a toy mouse, the young Mexican got scared and almost shot out of his seat. “I got too scared”, He said somewhat altered.

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People had asked us to give you a cell phone, but we can’t give it to you

Then the joke continues when the presenter tells him that there is a real surprise for him. “It is a surprise with all the affection of the people (…) I want you to continue fulfilling your dreams and for you to be a very successful child”, He indicates before giving him another box that, on this occasion, did include a iPhone of the latest model that the Mexican opens with a big smile on his face.

I had never been given something like this”, He responded with great emotion.

Already when Elías had the device in his hands, the presenter ‘cut’ the video that already accumulates more than 127 thousand ‘likes’. “Friends, up to here the video,” he says. However, what the ‘Niño Oxxo’ did not know was that they kept recording everything.

With the supposed transmission over, the presenter asks Elías for his cell phone, explaining that it was all an act for the cameras in order that the followers believe that they had given him a tool to fulfill his dreams.

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(If you read us from the app, see the full video of ‘Badabun’ here).

This is just so that it remains in the video because people had asked us to give you a cell phone, but we cannot give it to you (…) We cannot look bad and say that we are not going to give you the gift. Do not be angry with me”, They tell the child who makes a disappointed face.

After this, seeing that the ‘Niño del Oxxo’ was very sad, the presenter He proposes to change his latest model cell phone for hers, to which the child, in his innocence, accepts.

After that long bad time, everyone confesses to Elías that it was all a cruel joke and that the cell phone was really for him and no one would take it from him.

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