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Nine indoor plants that you can place in water

In recent years, it has become a trend to decorate with “aquatic” plants.

Plants are a very good option to decorate the interior of the home and give different rooms an elegant, natural and very colorful touch.

In addition to the indoor plants that grow in the pots, there is the possibility of decorating the house with striking glass vases in which to introduce some species of plants that only need water.

In recent years, it has become a trend to decorate the rooms of the home with “aquatic” plants.

Aquatic plants

We present you the most suitable indoor plants to place in water and that are very striking:


This is one of the most recommended plants for home interior decorators.

They are very resistant and, in addition to being able to be planted in a pot with soil, they are also ideal for growing in a vase with clean water.

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The lucky bamboo

This plant can live both on land and in water.

If you decide to grow your lucky bamboo in water, remember to add some stones to the bottom of the pot to keep it upright and look more imposing.

Green Arrow

Its scientific name is Peltranda virginica, its appearance is like an arrow upright in the water; It is of yellow, white and green tones.

This plant is of little care and clings to the edges of less depth.

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Lotus flower

This plant is of the genus Nelumbo Nucifera, herbaceous, it has a beautiful flower of various colors that go from pink to white.

Climbing philodendron

This plant is the Poto family and is very easy to grow in water. Place it in a place with a lot of indirect light and you will see how beautiful it will bloom in no time.

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Philodrendon scandes

It is a kind of shrub with intense green leaves. It is a climbing plant and very easy to grow only in water.

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It is perfect for the interior of the home and, although they are usually planted in a pot with soil, they can also survive in a vase with water. In addition, it is easy to maintain and does not require great care.

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Staph is another of the plants that can be put in water and, in addition to the showy color of its leaves, the flowers it produces are very elegant.


Aglaonema is highly prized as a houseplant for its pretty green and cream variegated leaves.

The usual thing is to find them for sale with substrate, but they can also be grown in a vase with water.

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Aquatic plant care

– Aquatic plants can be placed in glass or crystal containers because this material better maintains the water level and benefits the state of the roots.

– Some aquatic plants must have a gravel base to retain moisture and achieve good oxygenation.

– To prevent these aquatic plants from rotting, the leaves, branches and flowers should be pruned.

– The fertilizer chosen for aquatic plants should be the slow release one.

– You must put some substrates on them. There is a high range of high quality substrates on the market that will make your aquatic plants have a wonderful attraction.

– It is advisable to use purified water that does not have chlorine or lime. So perfectly your water plant could survive on tap water.

– You will have to change the water, but doing it once a month will be more than enough. Small algae may appear in your water container. They do not have any importance or damage the roots of the plant.

– Place them in places where they will receive the necessary amount of natural light.

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