Back in 1984, Nikita Mikhalkov and Larisa Guzeeva played together in Eldar Ryazanov’s film “Cruel Romance”. In the picture, Guzeeva played the role of the young, unspoiled life of Larisa Ogudalova. Nikita Sergeevich also reincarnated as the seducer of the main character Sergei Paratov. The picture received rave reviews and entered the anthology of the best Soviet films.

Fans have long dreamed of seeing famous artists on the same set again. However, now it became known that their wishes were not destined to come true. During the program “Evening Urgant” Mikhalkov joked about a possible meeting with Guzeeva. The fact is that Nikita Sergeevich drank champagne throughout the entire edition, which caused anxiety in the presenter. “We won’t let you go drunk, Nikita Sergeevich. Here next to “Let’s get married” is being filmed. Guzeeva is there, she has been waiting for you for 30 years, ”said Urgant.

“No, for this I need to finish this bystulk of champagne and another drink,” Mikhalkov replied.

The director liked the director’s joke very much. It is worth noting that Nikita Sergeevich was in excellent spirits. On the air, he talked about cinema, a new performance and his best films. “I recently watched as many as 150 films in a row. It is surprising. So many great films! What a wonderful picture “Five Easy Pieces” with Nicholson or “Night” by Antonioni. I have learned a lot, ”the director shared.

So far Mikhalkov does not talk about when his new film will be released. Now the director is focused on staging the play 12, which will premiere at the Bolshoi Theater on April 24th.

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