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Jorge Rachid, the sanitary doctor and member of the advisory committee of Axel Kicillof, the governor of the province of Buenos Aires, proposed this Friday that a “night restriction to circulater”, among other measures to mitigate the growing number of coronavirus infections.

In this sense, he indicated that his proposal is to limit circulation “between 22 and 6” and also added as a suggestion “the closing of borders”.

This was expressed in statements made this Friday morning to Radio 10, in which he argued that “the curfew is hard, but it is what works in Europe”, and questioned the number of people who crowded into squares in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA) during the New Year celebrations.

“There is unconsciousness, fueled in some cases by irresponsible hegemonic means that have encouraged anti-quarantine and anti-vaccination in an irresponsible and criminal way on the population that do not have the elements to defend themselves against these issues, which have to do with lies”said the sanitarista in statements made to Radio 10.

On the number of people in squares and parks on the occasion of the Christmas and New Year celebrations, the specialist opined:
We are going to have to take tougher measures. I propose that the borders be closed and that the night time restriction be imposed to circulate between 22 and 6 “.

Vaccines against the coronavirus throughout the world

On the other hand, when referring to vaccines, the specialist pointed out that “There have been no lethal effects in the world from Sputnik V” and held that “The only one that has brought serious effects is that of Pfizer because it is a synthetic vaccine, different from the Oxford and Russian ones, which are exactly the same”.

About Pfizer, the doctor noted that “In Argentina it had all the facilities to develop the phase 3 clinical trials, a State structure such as the Central Military Hospital was put in place, an authorization was issued by the regulatory bodies, and a law was voted on”.

However, Rachid noted, “When the law came out, as it did with Chile, which included natural resources in the contract, it asked verbally unbearable things such as glaciers, oil, asked for a new law and then a contract with seizable assets in case there was any conflict of interest problem in the future “.

Jorge Rachid, the sanitary doctor who is part of Axel Kicillof’s team and spoke about different measures to stop the rise in coronavirus cases.

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