Nigeria: Dozens of children kidnapped again from a school

Numerous school children have again been abducted in Nigeria. According to the authorities, armed attackers stormed a school in the north of the country and kidnapped several girls and boys. In the evening, the regional authorities said the number of missing people was 39.

In the attack on the Afaka school on Friday night, many other students were injured and employees were abducted, said the regional security minister Samuel Aruwan. Around 180 students and employees of the school were brought to safety. Security forces had taken up the pursuit of the attackers. Initially, nothing was known about the background to the attack.

For years, attacks by criminal gangs have been increasing in the north-west and central Nigeria. There were three mass kidnappings in February alone.

The radical Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram, whose name translates as “Western education is a sin”, gained worldwide fame through the mass kidnapping of schoolchildren. It has been terrorizing the population in northern Nigeria for years. In the decades-long conflict between the group and the Nigerian army, many of the displaced persons are still missing.

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