Nicolás Wiñazki recounted the bad moment he lived with his family in a restaurant

Journalist Nicolas Wiñazki he had a bad time in the well-known German restaurant El Palomar “Count Zeppelin” when They did not allow him to eat with his family because he was critical of the government.

“This happened on December 9, I did not want to make it public but it became so viral that it ended up exploding on social networks. It was the first time that we went out with my family in a pandemic,” he said in dialogue with his fellow program members. TN Central.

“The owner told me ‘It won’t be possible’ or a similar phrase. I was frozen because I went to that place all my life and it came out of my soul to tell him: ‘But I came all my life’. And he told me ‘you are no longer welcome‘. I insisted and he told me ‘we are not going to attend to you anymore,’ “he continued with the story.

The journalist from Clarín and TN he related that his wife “kind of got a little more angry, today he was making me remember that this, the new owner, told him something like that we had ruined the country“.

“The truth is that I did not want to follow the discussion or escalate it, because it was to try to speak, not to react in another way. But hey, I was with my family and we went to another place where they did attend us,” he said.

In addition, he said that he was thinking about what the consumer defense law is like: “This has nothing to do with the right of admission because it is not discretionary, the rules have to be well written in view of the public. It is like an act of discrimination, from what I could read about the law, “he considered.

“I have three-year-old twins and the oldest is five, she had just graduated from the garden. My family hadn’t been able to go and that’s why we decided to go to dinner, with my mother and mother-in-law as well,” he explained.

And he added: “It’s complicated, that was the most complicated of all, it was what hurts me the most. It is not that I have anger or rage but sadness because it is an unviable country, what Dady Brieva suffered tooThat I sympathize despite the fact that everyone knows that we think differently, it has happened to Alfredo Casero also in plays that he wanted to do and could not “.

“Entering a place to eat or a hotel, wherever, thinking who you voted for or what the person who owns that place thinks is delusional,” he continued.

And he insisted that his wife “got a little more angry” and that he was “stupefied” because he believes “it is violence without violence.” “It’s intolerance. My wife later realized that everything was fine. That’s what hurts me the most now, I feel like sadness and pain because it is a country where you cannot go anywhere if this is naturalized“he explained.

“They have beaten me on the street several times, which has also gone unpunished. I decided to keep calm and go somewhere else. There was no one, besides. I went all my life, I remember being a boy and going around the tables. There are people that says that you don’t have to go any more, which I don’t encourage at all. It’s like eating the cannibal, “he concluded.

The one who made the fact known was the journalist Miguel Wiñazki, Nicolás’s father, who on his Twitter account showed his indignation and wrote: “Intolerant! Undemocratic!”, in addition to pointing out that his son “in the Graf Zeppelin restaurant, in Ciudad Jardín, was prohibited from entering because he was not K … that is, they are discriminators … it goes viral. “

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