Nicolás Trotta: “Restrictive policies do not affect …

In the midst of a scenario in which the national government is considering a possible announcement about new restrictive measures to curb the increase in coronavirus cases, the Minister of Education of the Nation, Nicolas Trotta, assured Page 12 that the “restrictive policies” will not affect “the start of face-to-face classes” in the schools. Although he is concerned about the growth of infections, the minister’s expectation is that the presence become the computer of the educational system again. Meanwhile, the position of some teaching unions is support the return of the presence, but only if the epidemiological conditions are given and with a collective strategy design that involves government officials and trade unions.

For us it is important to prioritize face-to-face as organizer of the educational system for 2021. For that, we have the construction of the protocols. Of course we are concerned about the growth of infections, but the reflection we make is that it is also important to prioritize the school, “the head of the educational portfolio told this newspaper.

“Even in other countries the school has been prioritized at the time of opening over recreational spaces, with protocols, with the maximum expression of presence,” he defined.

As the minister clarified, the return to face-to-face classes will be with an application scheme of the current protocols approved by the Federal Council of Education (CFE), which establishes the guidelines and recommendations that will allow each province and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires to prepare plans that guarantee, according to the situation of each jurisdiction, the return to school.

The minister also referred to the Strategic Plan for Vaccination against Covid that considers teaching and non-teaching staff as a group with priority to receive the application of the vaccine, although it clarified that “It is not a prerequisite for going back to school.”

“We estimate that in the next few weeks the process of vaccinating teachers will begin. In addition to the doses of the Sputnik V vaccine, it is still necessary to finish negotiating with the other laboratories to acquire the dose of Oxford-AstraZeneca and the Chinese state company Sinopharm. There, the risk groups that are first in order of priority would only be covered and then it would be up to the teachers. However, we evaluate that vaccination is not essential for a return to presence “, highlighted Minister Trotta.

At the same time, the minister specified that the Ministry is working with the teachers’ unions to generate and organize the best possible deployment of a return to presence. “Extensive weeks of work are coming. We are going to work with the teacher unions. We know that no decision we make will generate satisfaction in all sectors. We must work together to organize the best possible deployment throughout the country that implies a return to presence in a responsible and careful way, “said Trotta.

The position of the teachers’ unions

The general secretary of the Argentine Teachers Union (UDA), Sergio Romero, was in favor of returning to face-to-face classes although he considered that it is important that sanitary conditions are in place in all schools.

“I believe that Argentina should go on the way to presence since it is irreplaceable. However, it is not enough only with the will of Minister Trotta. It is important but not enough. We must do it collectively defining how we are on the way to presence establishing the conditions minimum and essential “.

On the other hand, the general secretary of UTE-Ctera, Angelica Graciano, He pointed out that it is still “very risky” to think about a return to presency. “I think the conditions are not yet in place. These are questions that must be discussed with numbers in hand and with great responsibility.”

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