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Nicolás Massú does not rush to love and neither to have children

Former tennis player Nicolás Massú visited the house of journalist Martín Cárcamo to share a pleasant talk and remember old times since they have known each other since they were children.

During the conversation they touched on love, professional and health topics.

Massú spoke of the moment in which he suffered from COVID-19, in early 2021.

“On January 13, 14 I had to travel to Australia. So I was in Miami, I had been there for about a month and a half, I had taken all the previous tests and had been negative. And the day before the flight, I test positive ”, he said.

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He explained that he began to feel the symptoms of a cold so he thought it was one of the many allergies that the athlete suffers from, however, on the third day he was already much better and he stayed in a hotel in South Beach until being negative in the exams.

The coach clarified that he has been single for a couple of years, his constant travels do not allow them to settle down and spend time with a couple, however, he said that he has managed to live with a couple two or three times.

“I have had, what happens is that we have not reached the step of getting more serious as a result of the distance, also a product of my travels and all that,” he mentioned about his partners.

Nicolás Massú does not worry about having children

The king of tennis spoke about the marriage assuring that he has no desire and that he never thought of getting married since “I lived in the moment.” Like having children is not her priority.

“I don’t ask myself much, nor is it that I set an age limit. It may be tomorrow or in five more years, I live in the moment. I’m not asking myself every morning if I need to have a partner, or if I want to remain single, or if I want to have children tomorrow, I’m not wondering, ”he clarified.

To close the private conversation, Martín asked him about sex to which he was not very open in answering.

“How important is sex for you in a relationship?”, He consulted, to which Massú replied: “It is important like many things that are important in the couple,” he said.

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