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Nicaragua identifies a child who was found alone at the border

(CNN Español) — The child who was found in early April by a United States Border Patrol agent walking alone through a field in Texas was identified this Friday as Nicaraguan by the Government of Daniel Ortega, which ensures that it has initiated negotiations with the United States, Mexico and even with Interpol to find the whereabouts of the child’s mother and the child himself.

Through a statement published this Friday, the Nicaraguan National Police identified the minor as Wilton Gutiérrez, 10 years old. He added that he located the minor’s father in the municipality of Muelle de los Bueyes, whom he identified as a 35-year-old farmer named Lázaro Gutiérrez Laguna.

According to the police, Gutiérrez said that his spouse, Meylin Obregón, 30, traveled with his son to the United States on February 7 and that he agreed that his mother took him away. Gutiérrez said that two brothers of his companion, residents of the United States, financed the trip.

He added that on Wednesday, April 7, he learned through the news that his son had been rescued by a United States patrol.

From Miami, Florida, Misael Obregón, the boy’s uncle and his mother’s brother, said in an interview with Univision this week that the minor and his mother came to the United States with the intention of requesting asylum, but that the U.S. authorities did not allow her to stay in the country and was expelled to Mexico with the child.

According to Misael, in Mexico both were kidnapped by criminals, who called him demanding money to hand over to their relatives and that he was only able to get money for the boy’s ransom.

CNN has tried to reach the uncle, but he is not responding to our calls and messages.

This Friday, the Government of Daniel Ortega said that it has initiated efforts to find the child’s mother and Wilton.

«Our National Police, our Ministry of the Interior, have done, are doing and continue to take steps with the United States authorities and the Mexican authorities to obtain information that will lead us to locate the mother and the child himself … that request for a location to Interpol, “said the vice president and government spokeswoman Rosario Murillo.

Until this Saturday, the authorities of Mexico, the United States and Interpol had not publicly pronounced on what Murillo said.

On April 1, US Customs and Border Protection found the 10-year-old boy walking alone through a field in Texas. The agents reported that the minor was traveling with a group of migrants, but it is unknown how he separated from them. Authorities reported that the boy is fine and are working to put him under the care of the United States Department of Health.

During his interview with Univision, the boy’s uncle said he hoped to obtain custody of the child in the United States.

The digital medium Divergentes reported that it located the boy’s maternal grandmother in Nicaragua, who said she recognized him through the news. She added that she was relieved that the minor is safe and hopes that the authorities will find her daughter.

The head of the Rio Grande Valley Customs and Border Protection office, Brian Hasting, informed CNN that in recent months the number of minors entering the United States unaccompanied has increased. According to the official, since October 22, 2020, more than 22,000 minor immigrants have been taken into custody through an emergency rule based on the covid-19 pandemic.

Under the rule, the United States can expel migrants rather than go through lengthy migration or asylum applications. In contrast, minors are transferred to centers of the United States Department of Health, while they are being reunited with a family member.

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