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NFL glimpses confusing and unconventional 2021 Draft

Absences related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and reduced or suspended seasons, give a unique character to the 2021 NFL Draft

The only certainty there is towards the confused Draft 2021 de la NFL, is that Trevor Lawrence will end up in the Jacksonville Jaguars with the first selection.

Beyond that, it’s all speculation in what has been an unconventional period leading up to the annual prospect market.

To absences related to the pandemic of COVID-19As well as reduced or suspended seasons, they were followed by the cancellation and elimination of face-to-face interviews this spring due to the coronavirus.

Teams had to resort to Zoom video calls to meet the players.

“I’ve said this before: What we’re doing is an assumption,” he commented. Dave Gettleman, general manager of the New York Giants. “So that makes us a little more ignorant, not having that personal contact with these players.”

Although the 32 teams in the NFL received the videos of all 103 prospects, the lack of uniform electronic timing resulted in suspicious 40-yard runs on fast surfaces that were timed by hand.

“It is difficult to compare apples with oranges. We would like everyone to run on the same surface ”, he commented. Tom Telesco, general manager of Los Angeles Chargers. “It is the most important part of the combine of Indianapolis when the players go and undergo physical tests ”.

Only 150 players traveled to Indianapolis this month for their physicals, resulting in spotty medical reports from many of the 259-pick draft prospects.

All of this should lead to a tangled weekend ahead of the 2021 season, in which the NFL He hopes that new players will replace those who have left and normalcy will return both in sport and in society.

“It’s a very complicated draft,” commented the analyst from ESPN, Mel Goalkeeper Jr. “I always say: ‘mystery / complicated draft'” because the teams did not have uniform measurements and they could not go to speak in person with the prospects. “

“Absences complicate the situation even more,” he added. Goalkeeper.

“It is a year like no other,” said the director of the players’ staff of the Cincinnati Bengals, Duke Tobin. “There are players in this draft who have really only played one year of college football. We are guessing ”.

Now more than ever.

Bill Polian, the retired executive who is a member of the Hall of FameHe noted that this year’s draft has been a return to a time when technology had not yet changed the way players are selected.

“I think it will probably be less homogeneous than it has been in the past, which is not a bad thing,” he said.

Meanwhile, it is expected that for the Draft 2022 there are many more prospects and they are better evaluated.

This weekend “there will be less to know about the character of a person because they have not spent time with them,” he said. Mark Dominik, former executive of the NFL.

“The Senior Bowl it was 15 minutes and a lot of general managers didn’t even show up. So they really haven’t met the players, ”he added.

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