Neymar: Public prosecutors are investigating allegedly planned New Year’s Eve party

Is Brazil’s model footballer Neymar planning a big New Year’s Eve party in the middle of the corona pandemic? The authorities are now also concerned with this question. The Brazilian prosecutor announced on Wednesday that it was investigating media reports that the footballer wanted, or at least wanted to, have a lavish New Year’s Eve party in his luxury property in the state of Rio de Janeiro, regardless of the pandemic. Neymar’s lawyers denied on Monday that such a large party was planned.

The public prosecutor’s office urged Neymar to urgently clarify “the number of guests, the organization of the party and possible health measures”.

Brazilian newspapers reported on the weekend that the 28-year-old wanted to celebrate the New Year with 150 or even up to 500 guests over several days in his villa in Mangaratiba. There was great outrage over the alleged plans of the Paris Saint-Germain superstar, after all, Brazil is one of the countries in the world worst hit by the corona pandemic.

No celebration? Or just no photos?

According to media reports, special noise protection devices are said to have been installed in Neymar’s villa so that the neighbors are not bothered by the New Year’s Eve party. It was also planned to temporarily confiscate the guests’ cell phones at the entrance, so that no images of the celebration would be spread on the Internet.

Despite the corona restrictions in place in Brazil, such a party would in principle not be illegal, as the state of Rio de Janeiro has not banned celebrations in private apartments.

But what is Neymar really doing at the turn of the year? The professional’s lawyers say that Neymar only wants to spend New Year’s Eve “with his family, his son and his physiotherapist” – you can be sure that the prosecutor will investigate whether this actually happens.

Neymar himself posted a photo on Instagram on Wednesday that shows him on a yacht in Porto Belo, 650 kilometers south. The footballer is currently curing a left ankle sprain he sustained during a league game against Olympique Lyon just before Christmas.

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