The Brazilian attacker from Lille was close to hitting the Lille defender Tiago Djaló after being thrown in the Parc des Princes

In one of the most tense matches of the season, the Little he won 1-0 this Saturday against the Paris Saint-Germain in the Parc des Princes, where Neymar ended up being expelled in the final part of the match to end with a fight in the tunnel heading to the dressing room with Tiago Djaló.

The second half of the match was not the best for the local team, after Neymar saw the first yellow card in the match, after 48 minutes into the game he placed his hand in the face of French midfielder Benjamin André.

However, in the final part of the match and with the desperation to equalize the score on the players of the PSG, Neymar He showed a clear gesture of helplessness when, after losing the ball on the left wing, he kicked it from below and pushed the defender Tiago Djaló, so the referee determined to get the second yellow card and expel him to send him to the showers.

After the expulsion of Neymar, Tiago Djaló He also received his second yellow card, so both players were thrown out of the game and during the journey to the locker room, the Brazilian attacker was complaining and looking for the defender of the Little.

Reason why when entering the tunnel, Neymar pushes Djaló between eight security people and staff from both teams, causing both players to face each other and even seek to hit the blows, however, they were eventually separated and taken to the locker room.